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Aerial Advertising Options

Attract Major Attention With These AirSigns

Airplane Banners

Aerial billboards have several differences from standard roadside billboards. First, while the roadside billboard is stationary and awaits the moving people, aerial billboards are moving while the people are stationary. Second, the roadside billboard may be read by some traveling by, but the aerial billboard will be read by virtually everyone over whom it is flown. The roadside billboard will probably take a long time to be read by 100,000 people, while the aerial billboard can be read by 100,000 people in a matter of minutes.

red zone billboardWe design and print custom aerial billboards to your exact specifications and then fly them at the times you choose using our banner towing airplanes. Target your audience with messages that grab their attention without distractions!

We take your company logo and artwork and use them to design colorful airplane banners that are remembered. We can assist you through every step, including design of the banners, selection of logos, artwork for the banners and selecting the best sites to fly over.

Airplane advertising has been proven to work. Viewers remember the message on your custom aerial billboards with a greater degree of detail than any other kind of advertising. A recent survey showed that 88% of respondents remembered seeing airplane banners 30 minutes after they had passed. In addition, 79% remembered the product or service that was advertised, and a remarkable 67% remembered at least half of the content of the ad.

Consider the revenue that the message will bring in as a result of thousands of people seeing your message in a single day.

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Aerial Logo Boards

airplane billboardLogo board aerial advertising is one of the most important ways of building your business’ brand awareness and effectively marketing it. The process of building effective brand awareness involves displaying your company logo and special message to as many of your target audience as possible in a way they'll remember.

Aerial logo boards are much larger than traditional letter banners and have your company logo displayed in full color. This gives you the chance to show photos or custom graphics in your aerial advertising. And, in addition to the memorable graphic, they associate the special offer spelled out in letters behind.

No matter what it is that you want to communicate to your target audience, you can be confident that your logo will most certainly be seen by those on the ground and your message will be effectively communicated in a way that's remembered.

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Letter Banners

airplane letter bannerDid you know that letter banners are remembered more than any other medium? A banner towing airplane will certainly get your prospect's attention, and studies have shown that 30 minutes after an airplane banner went by, 88% of people remembered seeing it.

Just think of the impact aerial advertising can have on your business’ bottom line. People are bombarded with advertising in every part of life. They go to a movie and are given ads for more movies. They watch TV and find nearly as much time is spent on the ads as on the programs. They drive down the street and see billboards and shop signs. They read the news and find it surrounded with appeals to get their money. With this information overload, it is harder and harder for messages to get through.

With aerial advertising, there is no channel to turn, no flashing banner ad on a webpage to click away. There's just the curiosity and uniqueness of seeing a soaring airplane carrying your letter banner with a targetted message. The banner may be as long as 100 feet by 50 feet tall spelling out your message. Your airplane banner is guaranteed to attract attention.

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