How AirSign Helps Businesses Succeed

This Is Why Industry Leaders Choose AirSign

  • AVAILABLE. With planes stationed throughout the US and strategic partnerships worldwide, AirSign’s airplane advertising fleet has the power to reach any target in your strategic marketing plan.
  • PROFESSIONAL. From its inception in 1996, AirSign has flown for national corporate clients such as Google, Disney, Holiday Inn, Ford, Hollywood Video and NutriSystem. We also cover the biggest events, including the Super Bowl and the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series.
  • advertise with airsignVERIFIABLE. We provide free, live, Global Positioning Satellite tracking or e-mailed GPS plots for confirmation of routes your aerial ads were towed.
  • CAPABLE. Design, printing and assembly of your banner are all done in-house and we use the latest in airplane banner printing technology. This ensures our clients never have to deal with multiple vendors.
  • RELIABLE. Because we recruit our pilots out of the finest aviation academies in the United States, they come to us trained as FAA-certified aircraft mechanics. This credential, unusual among pilots, ensures that our planes are the best maintained of any aircraft in the business, and the likelihood of cancellation for mechanical problems is very low.
  • QUALIFIED. Our pilots are instrument-rated and our planes are instrument-equipped. This enables us to fly through poor weather to arrive at airplane advertising locations unreachable by our competitors.

Experience These Aerial Advertising Advantages

Aerial banner or billboard ads have several advantages over expensive TV ads.

  • First, they are visible much longer. Each of the numerous times the plane passes overhead, your ad is visible at least as long as the million dollar ads.
  • Second, The ad message is reinforced repeatedly each time the plane passes. This will stamp your message on the memory of those who see it.
  • Third, the unique quality of flying banner ads at the Super Bowl draws the attention of the audience to look up and read it.
  • Fourth, a banner ad can offer services local to the Super Bowl game such as places to eat or shop. Such shops probably wouldn't have the money or interest to pay for a national ad.
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