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Airship & Blimp Advertising Options

Advertising Airships & Blimps Worldwide

advertising blimpTo advertisers, the sky is the greatest billboard of all. Many have taken advantage of this unobscured view through aerial advertising such as banner ads, billboard ads, and skywriting. But for some, these are not enough. If you're looking for something even bigger – take-over-the-sky big – consider a huge, manned advertising airship or blimp.

We have all been impressed with the aerial camera views at football, baseball and racing events from high overhead. Airships and Blimps float quietly, effortlessly in the air throughout the event, broadcasting their camera signal to the network below. And since these massive blimps are flying only 1,000-1,500 feet up, they are easy to see from the ground.

What Would Recognition Like This Do For You?

blimp advertisingThink about it – what is the first brand name that comes to mind when you hear "blimp?" Most associate 'blimp' with GOODYEAR because they have done such an amazing and consistent job of branding themselves with this unobstructed, unique method of advertising. But with this new branch of aerial advertising, you can make your company name or featured product just as well known in the skies.

Now through AirSign, you can take advantage of the opportunity to use this same view from the stadium to display your product or business name in a huge, unforgettable way. Since blimps don't have to keep moving as airplanes do, your business or product name is in view for hours. Plus you get the added benefit of a captivated audience when your blimp is traveling between events. Anyone driving down the road or enjoying the outdoors can't help but have their attention riveted to a low flying blimp. And when they do, they'll remember your advertisement.

Hugely Effective Advertising Above Distractions

advertising blimpAdvertising is an ever-changing necessity that is driving advertisers to look for creative out-of-the-box ideas to capture attention. We are in a day when technology is on the rise creating things like TIVO, and other forms of advertising like conventional highway billboards - though effective - are getting lost in the clutter and congestion. National and global brands are looking for creative advertising that works and that's where the AirSign Blimps & Airships respond to the need. Blimp advertising campaigns can be completely customized to target specific locations or events and can work by themselves or in conjunction with other forms of media.

Unsurpassed Brand Recognition

Blimps offer unsurpassed ad recognition creating an instant media blitz in any market. Blimp packages start with a one month minimum and typical contracts range 3 - 24 months in length. Each package will include continual coverage from our Media Team providing professional Aerial Photography and Videography of the campaign (this high quality coverage is essential for keeping fans updated). Blimps can provide coverage over sporting events, rush hour traffic, beaches, and all outdoor events. In addition to the major branding and ad recognition, blimps can provide many other opportunities for added value to your advertisement, some examples would be providing aerial coverage of sporting events and getting credited for it, event security feed, and many more.

Blimps Visible Day & Night

airship advertisingAirSign uses a fleet of airships that allow for both day and night operations, our graphics team will work with you to determine the best artwork that will allow for great daytime operations but also night operations utilizing the interior lights to enhance your artwork. Our airships can be customized with changeable banners to allow for rotation of ads throughout the campaign or a complete wrap method that utilizes every part of the blimp.

Whether you're looking at one Blimp or a multi-market campaign, AirSign is equipped to help you reach the maximum potential and exceed your expectations.

AirSign also offers remote controlled blimps that work well for smaller more concentrated outdoor events. These airships can provide dual purpose in both Aerial Advertising and Event Security or Aerial Coverage of the event. Remote controlled blimps range in sizes from 30 to 50 feet and can have changeable banners or a complete wrap configuration. Contact AirSign today and let us help generate unsurpassed brand recognition for you.

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